Don’t look so surprised, love. I didn’t just ask you out because you’re gorgeous.

This is your time to weep,
This is your time to mourn,
Not yet time to build up,
Just a time to tear down old walls.

- Are you out of your mind ?

- That’s an answer to a different question…

And I’ll be your hope when you feel like it’s over.

And I will pick you up when your whole world shatters.

Don’t get stupid on me now, Jay…

There's something inside you,
It's hard to explain.
There's something inside you,
And you're still the same.
I don't care if it's poison, I will gladly take it...

Haven’t you seen me sleepwalking?

Cause I’ve been holding your hand.

Haven’t you noticed me drifting?

Oh, let me tell you, I am.

So far away from safe and sound, I've lost control...