I don't care if it's poison, I will gladly take it...
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If only I took courage like a man, would we have been different ?

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He is beautiful. Really beautiful, not like the boys in magazines with their scruffy, masculine faces, tall and dark, brittle boys. Myungsoo looked like a statue that had been rescued from the sea. He was smooth where I had angles and soft where I was bone. Myungsoo’s face was sharp, his nose high and tall, his eyes crescent-shaped like the quarter moon, his dark hair swept, his skin glowed a milky cream. Looking at Myungsoo, I could pretend I was beautiful, too. He had so much to spare.

Once upon a time, we fell apart.
You're holding in your hands the two halves of my heart.
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All to myself.
I want you all to myself.
And nobody else.
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            " I love you like old movies ; silently." (x) (x)

You play games, I play tricks,
Girls and girls, but you're the one.
Like a game of pick-up sticks,
Played by fucking lunatics.
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Suzy (miss a) and Myungsoo (infinite) - requested by angielarsayss